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When a guy's hair is so long he needs to use his sunglasses as a headband.
JJ's hair is so long he's been using his Von Zips as a ManBand.
by Shittychonga March 31, 2010
Similar to the manbun, this men's hairstyle uses a thin headband to keep a man's luscious locks out of his eyes.
"Did you see Noah's new haircut? It looks great!"
"No, last time I saw him he had it up in a manband."
by La_barbarian August 09, 2015
a group of three to five men in their late 30s and early 40s that once comprised a boy band (perhaps over a decade ago) and decide to reunite in their later years to reinvent themselves as contemporary pop stars.
did you see that New Kids On The Block has reunited as a man band?

yeah, i hear they're going on tour with michael jackson.
by NKOTBfan July 14, 2008
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