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Man-Whaling (verb) is what a female feels like the week before they get their period. It gets its name because when you are Man-Whaling you feel like both a man, and a whale. After your week or so of man-whaling then you have your period, and after you experience Post Man-Whaling. Post Man-Whaling (or PMW) is the same effect as Man-Whaling it just occurs after instead of before.

The term Man-Whaling originates from whs jv cheering when a girl said she felt like a man...and then a whale :)
At Cheering Practice:
Jenna "You guys I don't feel good...i'm Man-Whaling."
Alyson "Oh boy, didn't you just get over PMW a week ago?"
Jenna "Yea well now its started again..."
Alyson "Haha sucks for you!"
by whsjvcheer09 November 13, 2009
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