n. A strong man who can lift heavy things and/or move them, usually at the request of his sweetheart.
Her: Honey can you take that old chair to the curb?
Him: Okay.
Her (to a friend): He's such a good man ox.
by miss c September 22, 2006
Top Definition
1. A man who is so strong it is assumed that he is half ox.

2. The the man chosen to save humanity from the Draconian Empire.
by Jack Duncan September 19, 2003
Defines the action of sending internet shit to your friends on a daily basis, including stupid images, boring videos and useless articles.
- Oh man, this guy keeps manoxing on my Whatsapp conversations...
- Careful dude, he might also manox your Facebook wall !
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by grippeman July 04, 2016
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