1. The ungroomed pubic region of a man.

2. A fuzzy sock like tube that is used to keep a man's penis warm during the winter months in Canada.
She was a champ but no matter what she tried she just kept getting a mouthful of his manmuff.

I went ice fishing wearing nothing but my manmuff.
by dchappelle August 01, 2012
Top Definition
Having enough facial hair to resemble a 70's style bush on ones face. (Typically male)
Damn Jesse... what is up with that MAN-MUFF on your face!?!?
by William A. (Alief, Texas) September 17, 2010
The tuft of hair beneath a man's beer belly that resembles any Harlem Globetrotter's hair cicra 1982.


Growtum, poof, low fro, Trouser Tufts, Hanes Hedges, wild underbrush, camel's hump, scrote coozy
Frank's tight jeans belied the subtleties of his well-sculpted man-muff for which he won top prize in the Conestoga County Growtum Contest.
by Joe Lafayette November 11, 2005
The pubic hair of a man.
Lorna was repulsed by George's man muff when she took off his tightie whities.
by Cozeen March 04, 2005
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