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The flesh, or body, of a member of the human race as opposed to an elf, orc, dwarf, etc.
(Big orc sniffs the air)

Mauhúr: "What is it? What do you smell?"

Uglúk: "Man-flesh."
by liquifiedbread April 12, 2008
38 3
A single line that Lurtz the orc captain from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, responds with when he is asked, quote, "What is it?" by one of his fellow orcs. "Urr, what is it??" A two second pause.... "MAN FLESH!"
An example would be if you are sitting in class one day and your teacher, who happens to be male, walks into the room. As soon as he comes into view say this,... *sniff sniff*..."I smell MAN FLESH!" Then get up and tackle him and decapitate him if neccessary. If you have a woman teacher, then... well, if she can pass as a man, then go ahead and do it. Might be even funnier. :p
by Public Enemy (PE2) April 29, 2008
98 15
This term, derived from lord of the rings the two towers when:
orc 1: *snif sniff*
Orc 2: "what is it...what do you smell?"
Urak Hai: "MANFLESH"
by O.S.O.K February 26, 2011
7 4
The flesh that only men have, down below the waist. girls like to suck on it.
Noo!!! Pleez don't cut off my man flesh!!!
by Harrold P merphy November 18, 2003
26 73