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Noun. Verb. Adj. and Adverb.
Anything relating to the job of being a slave/torture-toy of a certain person. Job description for serving your Bich-Master includes:
1.Being a personal driver.
2.Taking whuppings.
3.Being Abused.
4.Being broken down emotionaly and physically her amusement.
5.Anything that the Bich-Master says.
Noun: "Oh man.. you are a Man-Bich ?! omg.. that'll explain all the scars and nights of crying yourself to sleep."

Verb: "She's Man-Bich-ing me. And it hurts."

Adj: Man.. that test was Man-Bich-ish! I think i got my ass handed over to me!

Adverb: man.. that's man-bich-ishly fast! did you see how fast she kicked it's balls?
by Man-Bich Number 1 January 22, 2006
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