The best song that Nirvana ever wrote.
Who knows?
Not me.
We never lost control.
You're face to face with the man who sold the world.
by Tiffin2 May 01, 2006
Top Definition
A song written and performed by the British rock musician, David Bowie. It is the title track of his third album, released in 1970.

It was later re-popularized and introduced to a new generation by Nirvana's cover on their MTV Unplugged in New York album.

Also covering the song was the Scottish singer Lulu in 1974. It was released as a single, and provided the singer with a hit. Bowie not only produced this version, but also played a saxophone solo on it.

The song was then covered by American singer Richard Barone in 1987 on his influential, proto-Chamber Pop solo debut album, Cool Blue Halo. The Hip-hop group 3MG samples the Nirvana version in their song 2010. The psychedelic band Here & Now covered the song on their 1983 album "Fantasy Shift".

Oh no, not me
I never lost control
Youre face to face
With the man who sold the world.
by SqueeCantCook October 05, 2006
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