(noun) when men whine, bitch or otherwise complain; when men can't make up their minds to hit it, date it or leave it. Basically, when men aren't "men," when they become 1950's housewives. When any of these actions occur, MAN TEARS are produced. Some women find this to be a turn off. When Man Tears are produced, some women may bottle them up, refrigerate them, and throw 'em back like a shot. After that, "it's on to the next one."
male Coldplay fan. "I hooked up with this dude last night, and then found out he listened to Coldplay. Then he said he couldn't wait until I met his mom. I laughed and drank his Man Tears!"
by Paris Kiivett August 19, 2011
tears cryed from the Japs eye after an encounter with filthy scrubber
(Swansea accent) Christ i bunted that midget last week and been crying man tears ever since. I better get down the docs for some antibiotics before the wizard's wand falls off
by sicknote August 18, 2007

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