A manbeast is a female (in most cases a lesbian or bisexual) that either intentionally or unintentionally resembles a very very ugly man.
Man 1: "Aww man that girl over there is such a manbeast!"
Man 2: "That's a girl?"
by Weston Hargrove November 09, 2006
A man that is awesome in almost all ways possible. This word is sometimes used with "sexy", which adds to the overall awesomeness as it becomes "sexy manbeast", a title worth fighting over.
Person 1: Shit, get outta the way, here comes a manbeast!
Person 2: If we don't move right now, he'll crush us with his masculine balls!
by punchline March 07, 2005
a hairy, fat man who lurks around in girls houses and/or is sometimes sexy

e.g. have you seen that manbeast in emilys house?


faye looked like she had seen a manbeast
by Freddina April 30, 2008
Miley Cyrus
Destiny Hope Cyrus
Hannah Montana

Oh my god the manbeast is in this magazine -_-
by GooganNurcles April 14, 2009
A female who looks like a man
Blimey, she's a manbeast!
by Claire March 17, 2004
Taya. fat, snot nosed, hairy, sweaty, man like woman.
"Hi, I'm Taya, I only wear a bra to keep my man tits up, and i roll my fat into it also so it looks like my boobs are bigger. My dick is so tiny I class a girl!I love being a ManBeast." (:
by GoIncestYourDog. August 12, 2008
An insult for a 'woman' that is very manly. Works well if 'hairy' is said before.
Danielle Conroy
by foetus cheese April 13, 2004

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