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A television show on the travel channel in which host Adam Richman travels around the world finding the biggest, greasiest, most insanely delicious food to eat.
Yo did you see "Man vs Food this week? That dude ate this entire plate of sliders and on"ions rings in only 30 minutes!
#man vs food #adam richman #travel #food #grease
by Intrepid Dissent July 26, 2010
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A tv show were Adam Richman takes on famous food challenges around the world. He basically is a total idiot and jerk and everyone who is high knows he just orders people around on set and tells random people who want to be on tv to do stuff.
For example, "hey little girl, tell the audience at home i'm awesome for eating this 20 lb burger and then give me a high five so i don't look like a douche bag on my own t.v. show, man vs food.
#adam richman #jerk #stuff #high #idiot
by Jerrycurlsfrdayz March 01, 2011
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