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When a man is looking for an item generally in an uncrowded space and he quickly glances over the space then declares that he can't find it then calls for a female to locate said item. She then looks behind something and finds said item in plain sight.
John was looking for his phone and on the counter was a candle a cup and Johns phone. John does a man scan and states he can't find it then calls for his wife who finds his phone behind the cup.
by Dsgirl July 23, 2009
9 0
To look in one spot for something without making an effort to move things or look in any other direction. A trait found in the male species.
"John would have found the ketchup if moved the milk, he totally ManScanned!"
by TeeZee DeeZee May 22, 2009
8 1
Usually observed at clubs or bars where a single male body will scope out a potential woman but do a preliminary scan of any threat of a man involved at that time. After the Man Scan, one may either pursuit the woman, back off due to guy, or be a cock block and step in.
I saw some chick seemingly alone, so I did a quick Man Scan and then safely assumed she was without a man.
by J0$HU@ October 11, 2007
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