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When a male acts in a manor which may be perceived as gay only because a women is not around. The affected individual acts as such do to high testosterone levels which make the male want to do gay things such as; whipping his balls out, humping, gay suggestive gestures(verbally), and for instance wearing Man Thongs amongst men.
Matt winked at a guy today.

Matt said he'd tap a guy who was playing Beer Bong.

Matt got a boner in a room full of men.

Matt said he'd "tap that", to a guy in his dorm.

#Man Thong Syndrome
Matt secretly "likes" his roommate Justin.
#butler #men #queer #man #thong
by ABizzle49 December 06, 2010
Due to excessively high testosterone levels, a man with this syndrome will act in a gay manner when there are no females present. In other words, they are extremely horny... all the time. For example, suggestive comments or gestures, humping, wearing man thongs amongst men, winking at other men, caressing another man's body, and excessive physical contact are all symptoms of the "Man Thong Syndrome." These dudes ARE NOT GAY, they just require massive amounts of sex, ass, vagina, or anything else they can get.
Fuckin Man thong syndrome bro
#manthong #man #thong #gay #testosterone #queer #banana #hammock #straight #hot #women #dick
by SquintsMcgee December 08, 2010
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