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the male version of Va Jay Jay. Vagina

slang for Man-gina. male butt hole, usually for gay ppl.
dude Jacob got a carrot up the Man Jay Jay while he was asleep
by superleetkillah-cap-a-cop July 01, 2009
A slang term for a mangina.
Quit starin' at the manjayjay!
by Chrissy Foxxx April 16, 2007
A power bottom's superpower. Usually leaving power tops in complete and total awe of the said bottom's skill. Kegels exercise has been known to strengthen this superpower. That and constant overuseability whose techniques can only be fortified with experience.
"Damn, that dude I met on has amazing manjayjay skills. The dude contracted his manjayjay before entry and I felt a rush of air being sucked in. Holla!"
by Lakas November 12, 2007

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