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A head belonging to someone, other than a man. Basically a head of a man stuck of some kid or women
"Shit look he has a man head, look how big it is!"
by Gilbo January 06, 2005
8 11

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A female who is very similar in appearence to a male
that girl is such a manhead
by Chalres Babbage May 16, 2003
13 1
A man and or asshole with an enormously large head who thinks he's better than everyone else...I wonder if the stripes do make him go faster?
Steve Churchard, Birmingham, Uk. Find the little shit and belittle him in all ways thinkable.
by Nixon October 17, 2003
7 3
to stymie, defeat, or prevent something from happening
Didn't mean to manhead you there, but I had to go first.
by Sean September 22, 2003
0 4