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When a grown man acts like a whining child for little or no reason
Jerry's wife got him all worked up in bed and proceeded to roll over and go to sleep. Jerry threw a man fit and sat in a chair pouting like a little rich kid who got the wrong colored pony for their birthday
#pooplip #pout #cry #hissyfit #whiny
by Lunicus November 28, 2010
a classy outfit or set of clothing for men
take those douche bag clothes off and step into a manfit
#outfit #garb #attire #clothes #suit
by andrewmiccheck November 15, 2009
1. an adult male tantrum
A guy dropping wood in an aisle of a home improvement store and then kicking the crap out of the wood in front of people. It was apparent the guy was having a manfit.
#man fit #tantrum #tamper #hissy fit #rage
by MIZ MJ August 28, 2006
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