Top Definition
01) Male Gentialia
02) Pork Sword & Meat balls
03) Spam Dagger & friends
04) Meat Truncheon £ handcuffs
05) Mr Happy & the Dynamic Duo
06) Meat and 2 Veg
07) One-eyed Japanese Warrior & ying/yang balls
08) The Boss & Associates
09) Trouser Snake & two Veg
10) Penis and Testicles
11) Erect Member + Scrotal Sack
12) Tom, Dick and Gibblets
13) Chode and gonads
1. OOOWWWWWWW Just been kicked in the "Man Bits", I feel sick
2. OOOWWWWWWW Just caught my "Man Bits" in my flies
by The Third Place April 24, 2003
A man's genitals or private parts.
Gerard Way enjoys touching his manbits.
by kulashtorodufraine December 06, 2005
a measure of coolness, manliness, or style in a geeky way.
Jason had 9 valentines, +5 manbites for that niggah.
by Ivan February 14, 2005
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