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When shit gets to serious, just fuck it
when you are ripped out of you mind and u just wanna say fuck it, say "mamsay"
by M Simpson October 24, 2008
"Pronounced: Ma'am-say"

Mamsay is a word that is used when the subject you are wanting to talk about can not be discussed out loud. It is a secretive word that's meaning is different in every case.

Mamsay was made up by myself when i was getting stoned with some friends and we needed a way to ask each other if one another was ready to smoke, without anyone knowing what we were talking about.

It has since grown into a word that can be used in any scenario and it is being used in any scenario to this day.

Use it but do not over use it.
Scene sets up like this:

Friend A is calling Friend B:

Friend A: "Hey man, whats goin on?"
Friend B: "Not much, eatin dinner with my pops"
Friend A: "Oh nice, well I won't bug you but mamsay later on?"
Friend B: "yes sir, I will hit you up after dinner"

In this case Friend B doesn't need to worry about his dad overhearing something that doesn't need to be overheard.

This is also a good word to use when you would LIKE to say something to someone, but know that if you do you will get in trouble. Look that person in the face and "Mamsay". Turn around and walk away. For you know what you meant but know one else does!
by MamsayIncognito March 31, 2011

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