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South African slang for a buffoon or a fool.
Julius Malema is the biggest mampara ever, followed closely by Jacob Zuma
by Lolbzzz March 22, 2010
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Pronounced: Mum-Parah.

1. A mampara is a person who acts in a foolish manner without due thought process and with extremely limited understanding or appreciation for the consequences of their actions.

2. A person who speaks before they think and end up blurting out rubbish that eventually gets thrown back in their face.
1. Helen Zille is a mampara of note for even suggesting there could be anything like a black professional and/or a professional black.
2. ANC are the biggest mamparas for pretending to want to stamp out corruption but yet vilify whistle blowing.
3. North Korea are helpless mamparas for thinking nature and the world were in mourning over their late despot slave driver.
by zumatello December 30, 2011

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