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Originally a rare kazakh name turned into derogatory term for young people from rural areas(like Shymkent, Taraz, Arkalyk etc.). Usually charectirized with very poor russian, darker skin tone, lack of proper education, predisposition to crime, constant spitting and swearing in Kazakh and Russian. Their dress code is quite similar to Gopnik's and usually they have the same habits.
1. "Takoe nosyat tolko mambety" - Only mambets will wear such clothes.
2. "Sudya po kolichestvu mambetov etot klub - polnaya hernya" - Judging from the numbers of mambets i see here this club is a complete fucking shithole.
by Sniff82 May 24, 2011
Originally a male name in Kazakhstan turned into a derigatory term for Kazakh rednecks. Also has synonyms like mamba, mambich, mavr, max, myrkin and ezhak.
1)Ty takoi mambet - you are such a mambet, compliment used when meeting a person from cities like Chimkent, Taraz and Aktau for the first time.
2)Moskva lubit mambu, Tashkent lubit mambu. Alma-ata mambu ne lubit. Popular song.
by Jancho March 04, 2007
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