Beautiful, Smart, and funny. She thinks shes not but we all know she is. she is the exact oppisite of Mal. I wish i were here. (tumadre butt butt whore)
Malorie is loved by suzy and Skye sooooooooo much <3
by SUZSK September 09, 2006
Top Definition
a beautiful girl with a smile that melts your heart. She is the funniest girl you will ever meet. with a heart only looking to please. Shes always there to help and puts others before herself. Malorie is the type of girl who can want to breakdown and cry put still walk with her head high and put on a smile.

Malorie can make you laugh on one of your darkest days with her amazing sense of humor. She is very random or so she wants you to think, but in reality she knows exactly what shes doing to get everyone giggling.
If you have been lucky enough to meet someone named Malorie, it would be smart to never let her go
Malorie, your a great friend, thanks for being there.
by YeahhILoveHimSoWhatchaGonnaDo January 18, 2011
Chubby, midgot girl that talks crap about everyone and anyone. Stabs her "best friends" in the back
Don't that to that girl she is a malroie!
by CAB March 31, 2005
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