The ass-kickenest person you'd ever seen.
Damn, look at Malm, he kicks my ass without even tryin'
by anonymous September 04, 2003
Top Definition
Malm was originally derived from the black/brown color offered on many furniture items at IKEA. Over the years, the word Malm has taken on and improved the meaning of any word that sounds like it.
You kiss your Malm with that mouth?

Nice to meet your Malm.



Don't say Malm.
by This is EZ August 03, 2010
An expression of sad resignation to circumstances beyond your control. Less angry than "damn" (or anything stronger). More like the word for a sigh. You're deeply disappointed but there's nothing you can do about it. Picture an elderly frog that has been crawling along a pipe for several hours before realising it's a dead end. "Malm."

It is also a range of handleless drawers from IKEA.

Pronounced to sound like the name "Al", but with an m at the end. And at the beginning for that matter.
Hey, these IKEA drawers don't have any handles! Malm.
by lezlaig November 12, 2010
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