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A Maleek is a very smart person. Usually funny. . Is super cute. A Maleek is a dream come true for a girl. All Maleeks are straight. Ive never met a non straight Maleek.
Man he is such a hunk, I bet he's a maleek
#cute #smart #nice #loving #caring
by lollipop1069 November 13, 2013
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a maleek is someone who is funny and smart. although many maleeks are gay it is sometimes possible to find a maleek that is straight although none have been discovered. update: straight maleeks are extinct.
dude that guy is a maleek, do you see the way he is walking?
#gay #fag #maleek #masood #funny
by nileriver12345 October 28, 2010
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