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When a man is forced to engage in sexual intercourse with a woman, or orally/anally with another man(either gay or straight). This is done typically by drugging and/or power then sticking his erect penis(by use of Viagra) in the woman's vagina/ass/mouth or the man's ass/mouth. This also known as the type of rape no one cares about as woman are given priority, a reverse in roles.
Friend: DUDE! You look like you just went trough a war.
You: My older sister just raped me!
Friend: Man up you pussy! Male rape is nothing!
Girl: Ah, I just got raped!
Friend: That's so horrible, why don't you come in for some coffee?
*Winks at you*
by Archmaster October 09, 2013
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An uncommon yet not unheard of crime. Male Rape is when a male has unwanted sex with a male or female. Unless the female is very strong, she drugs the man and while he is out plays with his penis until it is erect. If this fails, then viagra is dissolved into his mouth, and an erection will form within minutes. The female then has sex with him, usually because she wants a baby, but sometimes it is to feel a sense of control over the partner/friend/family member/stranger.

A man can also be raped by another man, which is much more common. The man is grabbed and held down while the other male inserts his erection into the anus, using it as a vagina-substitute. This is follwed by sex until he pumps his sperm into the anus and then pulls out. The raped male then has the unpleasant job of washing the sperm out of his ass.
Bob is a victim of male rape. 2 days ago his girlfriend, desperate for a baby, drugged him unconcious and fed him a viagra pill. She then raped him and is now hoping to be pregnant. Bob feels used and dirt, and is suing the bitch for all she's got.
by Callum6969 May 16, 2009
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A crime thats can happen outside and in prision but mostly prision. Manily in incest. Or the guy could be drunk Orally and Analy. Mostly by stronger males targets weaker/strong males. gender dosen't/dose matter to the Rapist.

a rare crime but happens in other countires.

The boney weaker male back agsint the wall as the healthy Mussle bond body bulider came closer to him with a lustful look in his eye...3 hours later he was in the hospital from the male rape his drunk best friend raped him.

2. My friend got raped by another guy. He was weak but not that easy of a target.

3. He just got date raped he was so strong too.
by bbay August 05, 2008
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