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2 definitions by Archmaster

When a man is forced to engage in sexual intercourse with a woman, or orally/anally with another man(either gay or straight). This is done typically by drugging and/or power then sticking his erect penis(by use of Viagra) in the woman's vagina/ass/mouth or the man's ass/mouth. This also known as the type of rape no one cares about as woman are given priority, a reverse in roles.
Friend: DUDE! You look like you just went trough a war.
You: My older sister just raped me!
Friend: Man up you pussy! Male rape is nothing!
Girl: Ah, I just got raped!
Friend: That's so horrible, why don't you come in for some coffee?
*Winks at you*
by Archmaster October 09, 2013
The best and worst thing that happened to men. We jam our things to them when we feel down, but when they don't want us to do it, the police jam bullets into us.
Boy Student: I got a bad grade...
Girl student: Aww, poor thing...
Boy student: Come here WOMAN!
Police: Stop right there!
Girl Student: No, it's fine.
by Archmaster October 09, 2013