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Polite way to say fucking.
Don't say 'fucking' in front of my mom.

What should I say then?

Say 'making love'.
by JoeyDimples November 17, 2009
what women do whilst men are fucking
Guy 1: I heard you and Lucy were making love last night.

Guy 2: Maybe she was, i was just fucking.
by zbass February 14, 2011
what a woman does when a man is fucking her
man: yeah bro i fucked her last night!
woman: we had a great time making love last night!
by xXxsombodyxXx123 May 04, 2010
A phrase of ambiguous import, known only to the female of the species. Males have an entirely different understanding of the same even.
Paula: It was so romantic: we walked on the beach, sipped wine, and when we got back to his place, Barry Manilow was playing softly. He wasn't in a hurry or anything and before long we were making love.

Paul: Jesus, it took for ever; cost me some cheap wine and a goddamn faggot Barry Manlow CD, but we finally got to pound pee holes before the playoffs!
by hoze-a January 20, 2007
1. A term intended to romanticize one of the most primal acts human beings can engage in.

2. What repressed middle class people call fucking. Second only to 'making whoopee' in cringe-inducing idiocy.
Person A: So my wife and I were making love last night...

Person B: Making love? Oh...you mean fucking!
by luvs2kuf April 23, 2009
Something a woman does while a man fucks her.
Woman to girlfriend -
Woman: We were making love last night it was so nice.

Man to bud -
Man: Dude I got laid. High five!
by Thomasharkel January 21, 2007
A romantic notion that somehow "making love" is something more idealistic than just sex.
In long term (closed) relationships

A For a man, making love is a technique to obtain sex.

B For a woman
1. sex-out-of-duty is called “love making”.

2. sex that is offered after a fight, kiss-and-make-up sex

3. occasional sex used to prop up the relationship
For a man
he tries really hard to give his partner some pleasure as a result of intercourse, which he desperately wants so he gives a lot of foreplay cuddles and teasing, first. Lots of outer-course. Sometimes it involves flowers and gifts or dinner as well. This is called making love.

For a woman

1. she may not want sex at all but allows her partner to masturbate himself in her vagina till he cums. She may even fake an orgasm out of fome notion that some love is created.

2. she may hen peck, rant and rage at her partner then use sex to make up - making love. Some cunning women use this technique to generate some, greater, passion from the male during sexual intercourse. Let’s kiss and make up, let’s make love!
It seems to work on some men who see vigorous sex as some sort of punishment for the previous aggravation.

3. for some women, who have denied conjugal relations for months or even years, they wake up at one or two in the morning and say, “Want jiggy jiggy?”
The man has all but forgotten how this works, and certainly doesn’t find this surprise either romantic or sexy and is not aroused by this bolt out of the blue.
“I dunn know. Not yet anyway – we’ll see” he gets undressed and un-dresses her then rolls over and goes back to sleep and waits for his morning erection.
Any sex that ensues is what is called making love.

by Dave Aaroon December 17, 2007