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like sex, with added feeling
"making love is only possible if the love is already there"
by Just this guy, y'know May 29, 2006
not at all like sex... bedides the whole intercourse
when a guy and his gurl love each other.. they take their time and effort to make eachother feel special and the sex can feel so much better.
sex is just rip your clothes off and have sex asap... usually resultin in a quick exit soon after
by Blowy April 01, 2005
Something women do while guys are screwing them.
#1 girl: What did you & Sean do last night?
#2 girl: Sean & I spent the entire evening making love.
by CorkyF June 27, 2012
Something your girlfriend is doing when you're shagging her.
Linda: Me and Jeff were making love all last night.
Jeff: Me and Linda were up all night at it like rabbits.
by Raving Professor No Legs January 16, 2009
something women do when you're fucking them.
Her Diary :-

He was a bit quiet and withdrawn this evening, even when we went to bed he said nothing. I cuddled up to him and stroked his hair, after a while w were making love before drifting off to sleep.

His Diary :-

Fucking gutted, England lost, got a shag though
by Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax August 10, 2008
Something your girlfriend does when you fuck her.
So i was fucking my girlfriend and afterwards alls she could talk about was making love.
by megadeth45 January 19, 2011
The acting of fucking with love or at least romantic inclinations.
I am fucking my boss for a raise, but I will be making love to my girlfriend on Valentines.
by Schreibber January 16, 2010