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When a man is doing a girl from behind and he grabs a hand full of flour and "antiques" the girl's downstairs, then immediately cracks an egg or two on her back and begins to "churn" the mixture rapidly while yelling, "THAT'S HOW YOU MAKE PANCAKES!" When the man has finished he then takes a bottle of syrup and proceeds to cover the girls body with sticky goodness.
Making pancakes is for professionals only. Do not try this on a first date.
by omalay January 04, 2011
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masturbating, usually used with males
I caught my brother making pancakes in the bathroom last night.
by Rora June 09, 2005
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The sound you hear from your roommate and his fat girlfriend while in another room.
"Whats Beef up to?"
"Making pancake pancake (clap, clap)."
by drunk-jp February 19, 2008
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When someone is extremely attractive and they pour pancake mix on their chest/stomach, and they're so hot that it actually cooks them.

You can then assist them by applying syrup to their body as well.
This is a very awesome skill to have, very few are bestowed with such a talent. Having abs will improve your chances as well, although they are not necessary.
Example 1.) After last night I got up to find Insert-Guy's-Name making pancakes in the kitchen, so I ran to get the syrup.

Example 2.) Oooh I bet he can make pancakes... ;)
by ProstatonianGoddess January 11, 2013
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