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Smoothest Kentucky bourbon known to man. If Jesus enjoyed a nice sip of bourbon after work, this is what he would drink.

Easily recognized by the distinctive red wax seal and very smooth 90 proof flavor.
Go buy yourself some, cheap-ass.
by Jay May 07, 2005
Engaging in sexual activities with a female durine her period and her dried blood resembles the wax seal from the makers mark whiskey bottle on your dick. Another equivalent to getting your red wings without eating a female out during her period.......
Deech: hey I just earned my maker's mark!!!!!!
Jerry: what????? WTF do you mean????
Deech: you when you fuck your girl while she's on her perod and the dried blood resembles on your dick like the neck of a bottle of makers mark. ...
Jerry : bullshit......

Deech : whips out his dick and says look bitch I've been kissed by a rose on the grave......
by Femoralslasher December 07, 2014
"Four fingers in the front, thumb in the back. Dip in, pull out and twist with both hands. Let dry and take home as a memento."
I don't even feel short-changed for paying $16 for my first Makers Mark!
by Ohio State students August 02, 2008
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