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When a girl makes out with you after you help her through a severe emotional breakdown.
So this girl was crying on my shoulder, right? And I comfort her for like an hour, then we totally started makedowning.
by ErikErikErik September 01, 2010
When a girl uses so much makeup that it makes her less attractive than she was before.
Girl 1: What is it with 13 year olds and their botched attempts at using cosmetic products?

Girl 2: Yeah, it's hard to find one without makedown.
by Jackue July 13, 2011
When a person jumps on another person and they start making out, and they both fall over. Combination of Makeout and Takedown.
''I have a huge bruise on my back... I think it's from last night's makedown when I fell onto the table''
by Kiwi~Chan February 28, 2009
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