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When two people are strictly friends in public, but as soon as they are alone or bored they make out. They are just two friends who hook up, they are not friends with benefits.
"Are you going out with him yet?"
"No. He's just my make out buddy."
by kat123 January 20, 2009
A friend that you casualy makeout with. You dont date you just use them for a little tounge action.
Tristen: Hey look it's Scott!!

Maddy: Isnt he your makeout buddy?

Tristen: OH YEAH!!!! Mannn we need to get reconnected. Maybe i'll break it off with my new Makeout buddy.
by MaddehMakeout May 24, 2010
when you know a chick wants you but all you do is make out with her
Dude kim wants you bad but all you do is make out with her. You are just makeout buddies
by black out July 19, 2006
like friends-with-benefits only tame. kissing and making out just for funsies!
Josh: Laura, I think you're hot and everything, but I only want to be makeout buddiess!
Laura: Oh.
by Kaosbabe16 October 24, 2011
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