Similar to make it rain. BUT instead you throw change. So the coins "HAIL DOWN" down on the stripper. If you throw several handfulls at a time you can make a "HAIL STORM." Most commonly seen in stripp clubs next to or near an arcade. Or more popularly in Las Vegas do to the fact that slot machines are one of the most popular forms of gambling.
Make it Hail Nigga

Jack and his nigga Felix struck it bigg at the slots last night. After ward they hit the titty bar and were MAKING IT HAIL ALL NIGHT.

That last stripper was hott, but she didnt shake her ass nearly enough so we just made it hail on her.

It's Hail'n, it's pour'n some old niggas r snor'n, but they woke up to pick some rich white boy's change up.
by Bandit Jack May 17, 2009
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A cheaper version of "Make it Rain". Usually done with quarters, although any change will do. By throwing coins up in the air for others to chase at your pleasure is "making it hail". This form is not limited to a strip club. This is commonly done when a gagle of homeless people are hogging a warm bus stop.
Trevor is a cheap bastard. We were at the strip club last night and he pulls out a roll of quarters, breaks it open and throws all the coins up in the air. People were yelling "make it hail" and running for cover.
by Steverinio March 07, 2008
Coined by Daniel Tosh, it's when you throw change at strippers/sluts instead of dollar bills. Highly recommended for ballers on a budget.
Friend:Hey man, are you gonna make it rain tonight?
Baller on a Budget: No dude, money's tight. But I will make it hail.
by Big Tosh May 16, 2011
When you at da club and yo broke ass ain't got no stacksto make it rain for strippers, throw all yo loose change (quarters, dimes, nickels, & pennies) at 'em.

The resulting effect simulates hail.
"Javon was at da strip club but he didn't have no scrilla to make it rain or make it snow, so he pulled out a roll of nickels to make it hail for 27 minutes.
by A Trayn February 28, 2008
when ur hella cheap in the club cuz u don't want to waste ur bills. so u pull out a ton of pocket change and start throwing it at either hoes, strippers, homeless people, friends, people who ask u for change, people who like to be hailed on, people who hate u, people who hate u but know u will make it hail on them so they come up to u just to get free money, and others.
Joe: Hey look it Job! I betcha he is using that sack

for his change. What ya think he'll do wit it?

ManH: Man bruh, he funna go to the club and make it hail

on dem people. Mostly strippers. YEEE!

Joe: Oh shyt.
by iNoeuNoe May 16, 2010
When you in da' club, and instead of "making it rain" dollar bills you bring rolls of quarters and shower them over the honeys.
"I was in da' club when the ladies started showen me dem booties, so I Make it hail on dem ho's. Soon people had a hard time not slipping"
by Johnthehul July 09, 2009
When you pull up a seat in the vip room, reach into your burlap sack with a cent sign embossed on it, and proceed to hurl coins into the air.
Guy 1: Yo, I'm about to make it rain up in herre!
Guy 2: Don't be foolish! Make it hail! It's much more efficient! It keeps them on their heels!
by wrfade82 March 02, 2008
Throwing coins at strippers instead of dollar bills; when one is too poor to Make It Rain. Strippers usually don't like this.
Guy 1: "Yo man I made mad bank today, bout to go to the club and make it rain!"

Guy 2: "I been struggling with the cash flow lately, I'm only gonna be able to make it hail tonight."
by Ryan Carmody April 28, 2008

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