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PM/PMM (Pistolet' Makarov)
(Pistolet Makarov Modified)

The Makarov is a handgun developed in 1947 for the new 9x18mm Makarov cartridge. Loosely based on the German Walther PPK, The Soviet Union adopted this pistol for their military to replace the Tokerov Pistols after World War II. Practically all Soviet-Bloc countries were issued the Makarov pistol. The Russia recently replaced the Makarov with the Yarygin PYa.
The Makarov pistol is considered the most affordable reliable handgun at about $180. Though Russia does not manufacture Makarovs anymore, they are still produced in Bulgaria. The 9x18mm cartridge is shorter than the more common 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm Luger) found in the United States. Though some 9mm Parabellum cartrides have been cutshort and used in Makarovs (not recommended), a true 9mm Makarov bullet is closer to 9.2mm than 9mm.

9mm Makarov travels aproximately 1050fps up to 1200

9mm Parabellum travels aproximately 1135fps up to 1300
161mm Length (from grip to barrel)
9x18 Makarov
(about $179)
by GunCat February 21, 2004
Fictitious Russian terrorist in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. You shoot up an airport with him, and just as you think you're gonna get off scott free, he shoots you and America gets blamed for it and the war between America and Russia starts.

It's also a Russian handgun that isn't used so much anymore
Makarov: Remember-No Russian
by Giant Midgets November 22, 2009
a type of gun made in the former soviet union, which is now the CIS (read: russia for you idiots out there) 9x18mm but diffrent from the standard 9x18mm parabelum found in america.
"Comrade, give to me my makarov so I can teach this little american bastard a lesson."
by commy at heart November 15, 2003
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