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a beautiful girl. one perfect for any guy. she is beautiful, smart, fun, and can make anyone happy. She makes people happy with her charm and one day i would love to be with that girl
damn that makaela girl is perfect!
by Iwillendyouhaha April 22, 2011
The definition of a makaela . A beautiful person , who's kind caring and thoughtful. She's also bright and social , finds it easy to make friends and is always in with the popular crowd . Has a great sense of humor ,is hard working and motived, enjoys shopping and sports. everyone loves her , and boys seem to be attracted to her either by her charm or great looks.
that Makaela is so kind caring and pretty, she is such a good friend!
by Bubbley Chick April 24, 2011
beautiful. georgious. amazing friend to all. loves to meet new people. likes outdoors. stick with a guy when she knows what she has is special.
wow, that new girl makaela was soo nice and sweet!:)
by pinkdogg June 28, 2010
An incredible, stunning, clever girl. A girl who will be bitchy when she is very mad or offended. She is musical and intelligent. She knows her true, real friends and will stick with them. One of the MOST fun people you will ever meet.
Girl 1: "Hello"
Girl 2: "Go away! I'm very mad."
Girl 1: "OK, but you didn't have to be a Makaela about it!!"
by anonpersonforever May 01, 2011
A girl with annoying hair, that never does what it's supposed to, loves to act, and who knows she can always trust her friends.
Gosh, it looks like you're having a Makaela hair day....
by mm148 February 04, 2009
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