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Spanish Basque name for girls. Means "bringer of love". Other variations: Maitetxu, Maitetina, Maitena. Also, short for (nickname) Maria Teresa.
Maite is a common nickname in Spain for girls named Maria Teresa.
by Tessi Martirez November 02, 2009
A very nice lovable person. She is very very pretty and normaly makes everyone aroun her smile. She is a hard worker and never gives up. She is shy in the beginning but once you know her she never stops talking. She is some what organized an gas a great sense if humor. She loves animals and has a life time goal she wants to achieve .
Maite: hey can you helP me with this report for school?
Teacher: sure , I have time.
by Lizbeth Collin August 07, 2012
a smart, honest, stubborn girl with a lot of values and always has the urge to relate everything to a cartoon from the 90's which is very annnoying but everyone just deals!!! Plus she has a HUGE BUTT!!!!
Zach: Ugh, Maite shut up with the Spongebob refrences already

Thelia: She will never stop because she is Maite
by POOPFACE94 October 07, 2011
A very nice person, lovable an very energetic . She runs a lot but doesnt really work out. She loves Channing tatum and never gives up. She is unique and goes crazy with people she is comftermble around. You are lucky if you know a person called Maite.

Not a whore
Jace: Maite is going crazy!
Timmy: I know right!!
by Beth rob August 07, 2012
A girl who gives multiple men blowjobs, waiting only two minutes between each.
Sammie: I can't believe I hooked up with Ben last night!
Erin: At least you didn't pull a Maite!
by ccolover October 03, 2012
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