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A type of condition characterized by one feeling as though the are destined to become a Main Character, through possessing attributes and/or having events happen in their life that cause them to become like the protagonist of any fictional story; having to go on a journey to locate and/or save something or someone, using unique talents or skills to forward mankind, having one's home taken away from them at an early age, and losing a loved one to an illness are all potential instances for Main Character Syndrome to occur.
"A small orphaned boy who grows up to be a prominent lawyer in his district once had Main Character Syndrome.
by XeonV December 21, 2009
When a main character SHOULD die many times in the book/movie/tv show but doesn't due to the plot restrictions that would create.
All the actors in 2012 would have died over 50 times if that happened in real life! This is totally main character syndrome.
by Kneeknee September 26, 2010
This is when a person uncontrollably falls in love with the main character of any/every series.
Person: "My all-time favorite characters? Well, Harry Potter, Cloud Strife, and Lelouch Lamperouge. I totally have Main Character Syndrome."
by DepthDX April 26, 2009
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