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when during a sexual encounter, a man inserts his balls into his male partners ass. the male on male equivalent of "Dog In a Bathtub"
With the way he's been walking, I think Jay has gotten the mailbag one time too many from Bill.
by El Guapocito March 31, 2009
n. An RPGClassics feature started by Macc Maverick, continued by Cidolfas, then taken over by the Mailbag Team (Megaman984, Kagon, Skankin Garbage). Allows readers to send in replies to topics, a feature which makes up the bulk of the Mailbag. It is well known to never be on time. Ever.
The RPGC Mailbag is never on time.
by Anonymous June 21, 2003
A term used to describe a males scrotum usually from the bent over position. (usually through a set of tight pants or cycle shorts etc...)
"Oh, looks like johnny is giving us a look at his mail bag!!"

Looks like Johnny is showing us the back side of his scrotum through his cycle shorts.
by PLASTIQUE June 10, 2012

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