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Someone who will always blame other peoples situation on themselves and that they are worthless. Some how they will put there needs at the end of the list and everyone at the top. But no one sees this and no one appreciates this and Mahya will feel left out. Someone who will set standers so high for him/herself that what he/she receives a good grade it isn't that great, although he/she is a kind person the way the life is lived can put her mental health in great danger. As she neglects his/her self from everyone around her but no one outs the effort it so neither does he/she.

Mahya is quite pretty but he/she will only see him/her self as ugly and fat and no one will understands his/ her personality as it is out there. Because of all the mental stress Mahya goes through she becomes numb to all feelings.
I feel like I Mahya today.
oh that girl is being such a Mahya.
by the urban name finder March 11, 2014

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