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A fresh, clean beer that comes from the everglades. It is also the only beer that comes in a bag.
I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention, because I was enjoying a fresh clean glass of Mahog. It's the only beer that comes in a bag, and it's fresh from the everglades.
by Chip10 May 17, 2010
This is used when describing a (usually smaller women with little physical presence but who stands resolute towards most things....sort of a like a bullheaded man.) So it is believed they must have a dick somewhere under Mahog (Muh-hog) is a derivative of Mahogany implying she has a huge black dick; wears the pants...ect...ect.
You better watch out for David's mom she's got a mahog like no other. She'll whip it out and beat you with it.
by Onas November 02, 2010
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