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The human personification of awesome. Is incapable of being wrong unless doing so in jest.
All praise Mahin. If you do not, he will smite you something awful.
by Alkoli February 09, 2008
a very shy girl, can be awkward at times, but when once you get to know that girl she's very funny. Stunning, beautiful, sexy, but very modest of her body. She's a sweetheart, an amazing girl interesting n one of a kind, very rare. she's the type of girl you wanna keep, she'll have your back, when your down, she'll bring you up. She'll make you smile everyday. She'll make you feel like your on top of the world.shes a keeper others are nothing in front of her. She gives a whole new meaning to words like love, pretty, gorgeous, stunning, shes everything a guy could want. theres nothing you'll ever want to change about her. she'll mean the world to you, never let her go.if u get her u r one lucky guy
I want a girl just like Mahin
by Sixty60 August 22, 2011
A short guy who is really shy. Sucking fashion sense even though he has a lot of clothes. He has nice hair
dude, You wear clothes like Mahin. What shampoo do you use?
by ThatCrazyPandaChick March 31, 2015
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