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Originally Turkish, meaning someone who is utter shit, useless and acts like a complete anus to the point that drives you just crazy and you just wanna f**k him up.
A: Where the fuck are you? (Says on the phone)
B: I am at the gas station, why?!

A: Get the fuck back here mahfool. I fucking need you to get your stuff and F**k off. Jesus Christ you are such a pain in my ass...
by Kratos4eva February 24, 2012
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An adjective generated by a real estate agent in Tabriz, Iran while got taped by his worker during a screaming match between him and an unknown contractor who didn't finish the job as promised. (see the video : means 'acting like a troll' or 'being a jackass'.

As seen in the video 'Mahfool' is pronounced improperly as he intended to say Maf' Oul which in Arabic as an adjective and used for a person means 'Someone who just got fucked'. So accordingly, Mahfool gets another meaning as 'someone who is fucked up'.
A: You are such a Mahfool !
B: Yea I am :D (They always admire the recognition!)

A: Dude, Amir owes me 30 Liras and he won't pay up.
B: Well, forget it dude, you'll never see that money.
A: Why not ?
B: Because you never should have lend a Mahfool any money.
by Boher March 16, 2014

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