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Ireland's favourite hard cider! Since the beginning in October of 1999, Magners Original Irish Cider has pepped up the market in Northern Ireland, with it now being the undoubted No. 1 in both packaged and draught cider.

Delicious apple cider with alcohol which goes down quicker and smoother than beer. Tastes better too!
"Magners Irish Cider, Time dedicated to you"

"Can I get a Magners on Ice, Mate?"
by Allie Sasha September 20, 2008
A fantastic cider, best poured over lots of ice. A great drink enjoyed by men and women alike, summer and winter. Sponsors of Magners League, London Wasps, Edinburgh Rugby and Edinburgh Fringe. Tag line "Time dedicated to you".
Man: Would you like a drink, darling?
Woman: Yes, please - a Magners with ice would be smashing!
by Warty October 16, 2006
wort, female dog, BITCH!, opinionated, whore, blonde bimbo, meanest thing alive. flamer , penis gobbler. calls people retarted. dislikes nice people.
Jane Doe, are you mentaly challanged, because i see you have forgotten your book today and my name is magner, the warty faced fat babie
by Cindy Vortex December 02, 2007