A force, similar to magic, which instead of being drawn from inside a spellcaster through innate talent, is collected by those with the ability from the energy which pervades the entire universe.
Magik users are prone to random weakening or empowering, as the universal "web" of magik rotates around the center of the universe and a particular area fluctuates in concentration of power.
Magician vs Magik user:

Magician casts Fireball.
Magik user creates shield of energy.
Magician freezes the air around magik user.
Magik user teleports behind magician.
The power of magik fluctuates, magik user weakens considerably.
Magician casts lightning bolt.
Magik user slightly diverts the charge, but is shocked.
The power of magik flucutates, to great concentration on the battlefield.
Magik user summons army of demons.
Magician is occupied fighting them off.
Magik user levitates off the ground, and creates an earthquake which splits the ground.
Magician falls into huge crevasse, crack in ground closes.
Magik user wins.
by magikchicken May 12, 2006
Top Definition
A race of Gods, whos childern are half Magiks. A Half Magiks can not inherit the powers of their Father though
Garret's Father is Magiks, making him half Magiks
by Timjitsu October 08, 2012
A take on the word "magic" to signify real magic.
Wiccans sometimes use magik.
by Allora December 02, 2003
noun. A person which is so cool, that even the word "cool" is not good enough for them.
Wow you're amazing! You're like a magik!
by Akisu July 01, 2003
A character of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen. Magik is Orphen's student, but with a master like Orphen, if he's really learning anything is questionable. He's able to perform at least one or two spells, but his ability isn't terribly consistent. He decides to follow Orphen on his quest, and is pretty smart for a 14-year old. His girlfriend-of-sorts is Fiena, the Dragon Miko, but he's been known to spy on Cleo in the bath.
by Samurai Katsu September 17, 2003
an incredibly sexy young female whom both males and females want to have sexual relations with.
Wow, that Magik makes me arroused.
by LindseyakaMagik May 01, 2005
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