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1. (noun) A period of time typically starting soon before last call and ending when a bar/club is officially closed wherein every person who has not yet hooked up and wishes to do so lowers their respective standards to “whatever is available”. Usually results in regrettable hookups with unattractive and/or fat people. When coupled with drinking large amounts of alcohol may result in truly reprehensible hookup scenarios.

2. (adj.) Used to describe a person who would not normally be the object of sexual attraction. Typically said person is extraordinarily unattractive or overweight.
“Hey dude, did you see who Melvin hooked up with last night? She was HUGE!!”
“Well, what do you expect at 3:30AM? It was the magic hour."

Yo, have you seen the new chick that started this week? She hot?”
“Absolutely not, pure magic hour material.”
by Tyler McNasty June 18, 2010
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The hour after any form of exercise, long or short, where you can eat anything you want to and it instantly turns into muscle.

Disclaimer: following this rule may have a serious muscle building power effect
John: I feel great after that calorie burning power workout, now pass me that Mcdonalds

Jeff: Dude, you're gonna ruin your workout with all those fats!

John: It's the magic hour my friend...MAGIC HOUR....bring on the muscle!
by elratboyo May 04, 2010
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The time of day, usually late afternoon, when the sun hits and everything is golden. It's the perfect time to take pictures when the lighting is right.
I took her picture at magic hour, she looked enchanting.
by My Pseudonym January 05, 2006
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4 o'clock PM. The hour before 5PM. On an analog clock, the big hand is on the 12, and the little hand is on the 4. The most magical time of the work day--hence the name "magic hour".
SWEET! it's the magic hour, time to slack off for an hour.
by Rod Roddy April 17, 2007
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