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Using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on any and all parts of your body in a manner designed to briskly remove loose residue while surreptitiously deep cleaning.
Dude, I only have 3 minutes before Rose gets here and my armpits smell like rancid beef.

JMB, dude. (Just Magic Bath)
by SKi-stalski July 24, 2009
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A bathtub filled with Purell. Jump in, swim around, stand up and feel great while you auto-dry.

Something to go on a Rock Star's Rider.
"Man they better have a Magic Bath ready for me after this show."

"This Magic Bath is amazing, I can swim around, then stand up and Auto Dry!"

"Magic Baths are RAVE-READY!"

by DookSD July 31, 2008
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