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An ancient time-honored form of love-making whereby one partner ('the Maggot') consumes (ingests) the bodily excretions, effluvia, ejacula, infectious discharge or waste by products of the other partner ('the Host'). Traditionally, the Maggot will have his or her hands and legs bound, will propel him or herself in a wriggling type motion and will suckle the anus, vagina, penis, other orifices or open infectious wounds of the Host in order to demonstrate devotion, love, respect and tenderness towards the Host. These actions of the Maggot are referred to in the community (known informally as 'the Maggot Tree') as 'Maggoting'.

There are sub-specialties within Maggotry. Some partners engage in Traditional Maggotry and limit consumption to the Host's infected wounds (such as bedsores, boils and infected surgical incisions). Others engage in Sexual Maggotry which focuses more on the ingestion of the secretions, waste and ejacula of the Host's anus and sexual organs. Still others prefer Neo-Maggotry (treated with derision in the Maggotry world) where the Maggot will eat food products (most usually ice cream or peanut butter) out of the Host's anus.
I saw Scott hungrily suckling on Sarah's pus-filled bedsore. They must be into Maggotry.
by A Devotee of Maggotry April 19, 2011
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Maggot-like behaviour, where "maggot" is defined as either an incredibly drunk, or clumsy person. Maggotry is the term for the pinnacle of drunkenness, clumsiness, or perhaps a mixture of the two. Can refer to scenes of utter destruction, usually with a side of hilarity or irony.

Drunk maggotry could refer to regurgitation, injuries, getting in a fight and/or arrested.

Instances of clumsy maggotry would be smashing a huge project merely minutes before it's due or crashing a car because you were frantically trying to rid yourself of the Justin Bieber song that just got on the radio.
Sean had a party at home while his parents were away, but was stunned by the maggotry that ensued.
by DreCali November 02, 2010
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