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A female of the feline species on fuego (fire). Apparently has something to do with semen. Commonly used as an offensive term, although its implications seem to vary.
Roxy: "Hey Lyla, your mom's a magaputagata."
Lyla: "Your BALLSACK is a magapuatagata!"
Roxy: "I don't have one.."
Lyla: "Oho, you'd like that, wouldn't you?!"
Roxy: "....?"

Jaquelina Hyena: "I'm writing up a definition for magaputagata on urban dictionary, but I need help with a second example."
Mufasa: "Like what?"
Jaquelina Hyena: "Like instead of it being OH EM GEE bee-toch you did NOT just call me that, it needs to be Aww, thank you."
Mufasa: "Hmmm.."
Jaquelina Hyena: "C'mon' man, you're breaking my balls here."
Mufasa: "GAH! I don't knoow! I don't work well under pressure!"
Jaquelina Hyena: "Oh! I know! I'll use our convo as an example!"
Mufasa: "...But that won't get the meaning across.."
Jaquelina Hyena: "SHUT UP, MAGAPUTAGATA."
Mufasa: "Did you mean that in the good way, or the bad way?"
Jaquelina Hyena: "Bad."
Mufasa: "Bitch."
by Zee Joy Toy August 30, 2008
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