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A modern day woman who has manufactured parts (implants: breast, hip, butt, cheek, lip, etc.) or who has had plastic surgery for non-medical reasons, usually strictly to enhance their appearance. Some of their body parts are "manufactured". They have chosen to let whatever the modern day trend is to dictate the way they should look to make them feel better about themselves, or to make themselves more attractive to someone else. This is typically a female thing, but some men may fit into this category. I just took the MA and the FA out of the word manufactured to create the word Mafa - Mafa Woman or Mafa Man.

The going thing seems to be that some men need the fake body parts on a woman to make them happy/satisfied, so some women think that this will help the men to stay satisfied with them. It is only an illusion!
Many of the popular Hip Hop Stars, Hollywood Actresses, and other Celebrities can be considered as a Mafa Woman (Pronounced Mah-Fah). It is also become more common with regular people also.
by Really II September 11, 2013