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Another way of saying mofo, except this version sounds a lot closer to the original wordmother fucker".
Black Guy: Sup mafa
Latino: Nada ese
Teacher: ???
by Ricco Chico January 29, 2008
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A girl that looks like an (ugly) man
I thought it was weird that man had boobs, then I realized it was just a mafa
by I heart Bobby May 04, 2010
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adj. In urban culture, Mafa is a tern that is a shortened version of matha facka, or mothafucka. Often used to describe whities.
"that crazy ass mafa pulled iron on me"
by Timmy Lee James December 01, 2005
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This name is simaler to Martha but just with a F

This girl is lovable sweet kind n smart she has a big heart of gold that when u meet a Mafa u will want to keep her forever in other matters though u should never brake a Mafa or else her hood side will be revealed
I just meet a Mafa she is so gorgeous
by T.T😝😝😝 March 25, 2017
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