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Woman with ass crafted by angels and adored by gods. However, she has man hands and has a face of a gorilla.
butter face ugly giant Giant Praun Madunka
by Im hella awesome May 25, 2011
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Woman with an ugly ass face, but the most magnificant ass with superpowers.
Also known as man hands (she would literally give you a killer hand job)
by PRAGER May 24, 2011
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A girl with an ass that seems to be crafted by angles and adored by gods, but her face is just fucked.
Another way of saying that a girls has man-hands.
Guy 1. "Look at that Madunka"
Guy 2. "yea her ass is amazing, but is she wearing a mask? and look at those hands, they could seriously rip your dick off."
by Koolaid911 May 26, 2011
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