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That one African kid in all of the honors classes but knows nothing. Also known as the only highschooler to always sleep at 9:30pm.

Can also be used as an exclamation: MADUUUUUUUUU
Madu: I spent an hour last night reading the chemistry book and I still don't get it.


Or: The kid in class who's always lost.
by Hydref23 October 03, 2012
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the more G way of sayin my dude
What up maDu ????
by s. LEE December 25, 2008
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white boys equivalent of my nigga
replaces "bro"
is much cooler than "my dude"
you wats goody, ma du?
ma du, i just fucked that du up for dissin, ya du
by Timmy yayo November 04, 2007
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